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In Search for That Perfect Carpet Cleaner

My carpet cleaner finally died. After years of pulling up dirt and dog dander, it simply went kaput. I went straight to the Internet and began to search for the best but also one that would not break my bank account. I found thousands of options and so few trustworthy reviews.

The cleaners that caught my eye seemed to lack in reviews, and the ones that screamed too pricey would have hundreds of testimonials. By the end of the several hour search, I found myself still undecided. I also began to question everything I read. At least half of the vacuum carpet cleaner’s reviews seemed to be repetitive, and the writing styles were the same.

In a moment of absurd thought, I started to consider trying them out and returning them if they did not work out. But the more research I did, the more I realized that was not an option either. I needed a list. This  of my options that I could trust.

I found that an organized catalog was much easier than using a search engine or an online marketing rating system. I was able to watch the carpet cleaners’ in action and garner information that descriptions simply do not have, much less reviews. The difficulty of finding a credible resource can cause significant stress. But there are ways to alleviate the anxiety of making an expensive puchase.

I have learned to read reviews carefully and thoughtfully. Slowly, I am finally forming a short list of which cleaner I plan on purchasing.

Completing A Life Long Goal

Academics have always been important to me. While I was in high school, I focused on getting the best grades that I could. I belonged to clubs that were centered around academics. When I graduated high school, I was excited to be going to the university of my dreams. While there I studied in the medical program that was offered. If I hadn’t spent so much time in high school focusing on my academic career, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thanks to taking the time out of each day to study and to attend the classes that I have, I will be able to fulfill my goals of becoming a doctor. This is a career that is rewarding, and I want to make a difference in the life of someone who needs help. There have been times when I have wanted to change my major, but I have thought about all of the hard work that I have put forth so far. There have been math classes I have wanted to drop and science classes that have been very hard, but through it all, I am almost at the end of my degree. My college days are quickly coming to an end, and I will be able to take the knowledge I have learned to a hospital or office. This is what academics has meant to me since I was little. It’s a part of my life that has brought me joy during my teen years and now as an adult.

My Degree In Computer Networks Will Make A Difference In My Career

Computers have always been a hobby of mine since childhood. I like to tinker with systems and see what I could do with them. I have a job working in a computer store fixing equipment and helping people troubleshoot their computer problems. I never had any formal education, but I had practical knowledge.

With my knowledge, I know that I should be making a lot more money than what I am making in the computer store. Big corporations pay a lot of money for people with advanced computer skills. I started looking for jobs with big companies that are looking for computer experts like me. To my disappointment, all of those jobs required one thing that I did not have: a degree in a computer-related field.

I had experience, but I realized that I needed to broaden my knowledge. I was not able to get that in my current job at the computer store because I don’t get exposure to the types of large-scale problems that corporations have. I was good, but only at the level of a small-town computer expert. I realized that a formal education would be my first step in taking my current knowledge to the next level. So, I decided to pursue a career in computer networks.

Having a degree like that would open many doors for me. Network experts are needed everywhere, from data centers to IT departments of major corporations. It would be the beginning of a career path that can have unlimited potential, all the way up to the CIO of a company.

I started to research different programs that offer the kind of degree that I was looking for. I found information on many distance learning programs that allow me to pursue my degree at my own pace, learning from home. That would allow me the flexibility to keep working while I go back to school. Whatever program I choose, I have to make sure that it is accredited and that it is offered by a reputable institution.

I know that getting a good job is very competitive out there, especially jobs that pay really well. I like my simple computer job, but it is not giving me the future that I want for myself. My degree will allow me to pursue better job opportunities. I will have better control over which direction I want to take my career. I can even advance to management one day. Some day, I would like to be in charge of designing an efficient network infrastructure for a big corporation. I want to be able to stand back and say that I helped build the system on which this company stands.

My first step is get that degree under my belt. It will make such a big difference in my earning potential and in my career goal. It will be a giant step forward from my job at the computer store. I don’t regret working there, but I have outgrown the job. I can hardly wait to get started in my new career path.

The Decision To Further My Education

My education costs me a fortune and when I think about it I was very disappointed with the way things turned out. I eventually dropped out of school because of my college expenses. I had tuition, books, fees, and other every day expenses that was making college near impossible. I realized that an education isn’t for everyone. If you want to go to school that is a great thing, but make sure you have the means to pay for it.

I started a local 2 year community college and didn’t know how I was going to pay for school. I qualified for free aid, but need based aid always was given to other students over me. I wasn’t eligible for aid with the school because I had a job. In fact, they would tell me that my EFC is not as low as the other students. I was struggling. I couldn’t see how I wasn’t eligible for need based assistance. I kept getting my federal student aid, but it wasn’t enough.

I talked to friends and other people thawt had went to school, but they didn’t have a lot of resources available. Often times, I said thawt getting funding for an education is so hard that they probably don’t want to share that information with people. Unfortunately, some people are tight lipped about helping others, when they’ve came across useful information. I knew that I would have to secure additional resources on my own. I was determined to make the best out of school no matter waht I had to do.

I researched everything I could about funding your education. It was easy finding sources that help you with your education, but it wasn’t easy securing the finances. They talked about scholarships and grants, but I never qualified for any of them. I did everything that I needed to do to apply to both of them. I did essays, wrote letters, and got a letter of recommendations, but it was all for nothing. I kept being told I was past the deadline or all the funding was gone.

I went to my education advisor and talked to them about not being able to pay for college. She assured me that I could pay for school with student loans. I couldn’t believe that I would even qualify for a loan. She helped me with applying for one through the school. I did entrance counseling, signed a promissary note, and got my check. Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough to really help towards my education and I am stuck with a huge interest rate. I started paying for my interest in school since I had a job. That was the best part of the student loan process. Paying the interest while I was in school.

However, I later defaulted on that loan and everything went down hill from there, including my credit. I would advise anyone getting a higher education, only get student loans if they have to, they are a education trap.

The Journey To My New Career As A Paralegal

Making the decision to go back to school is a very important choice. I decided to go back because I wanted to do something that will help a lot of people. Therefore, the career choice I made was to become a Paralegal. Helping people seek justice is a very important thing to do. In my state there are not a lot of schools that offer this program so, I did a lot of research to find the perfect school for me to attend.

Paralegals are very important in the legal field. We also help by completing essential tasks that are legal so that the delivery of good legal services to the clients with legal needs. Paralegals, are also trained in legal matters. They are also very important to people as well because, without paralegals the Attorneys would have to do everything themselves and this would certainly slow them down a lot.

As a Paralegal we have a lot of responsibilities and they include: preparing documents, help the Attorney to prepare for trial, and we also have to maintain the files. Another thing about Paralegals is that we operate under a Attorneys supervision. We are not allowed to operate on our own although some Paralegals do. Paralegals do a lot of work for the Attorneys.

Another thing paralegals are responsible for is: researching the laws, investigating the facts of the case, maintaining the files and the documents for the case and for the Attorney. We also interview the witnesses, gather the evidence for the case, writing the reports for the case, and also compiling all of the legal documents such as the (depositions, memo briefs, and procedural motions). Lastly, Paralegals also take notes for the Attorney, and we work with other Paralegals, other Attorneys, and the staff on the case as well. And that is what we Paralegals do.

The only thing a Paralegal can not do is provide our services or give our legal advice to clients or to the public. We also can not sign court documents. In conclusion, I love my new career and I feel like I am making a difference in people lives. Plus the pay is great I can provide a great living for my family. So if you are thinking about making a career for your self then I highly recommend that you go back to school it will be one decision you will not regret.

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